Branding for a Small Business

Jul 28 , 2014

Branding is a very important for all companies. Through branding, large and small companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and stamp their presence in the minds of consumers. A brand is not invented it is developed, so we have put together guidelines you should follow to become the next big brand of the 21st century.

What is your competitive advantage?  Define who you are as a company, what you want to represent and what you can offer that your competitors can’t. Look to the benefits and features your products or services have, that differ from your competition.

Think of your company like a person.  If your company represents one person – who would that be?  How would you describe them, what would they stand for, how would they represent themselves?

Who is your target audience? When developing a brand it is important to consider whom you are trying to target.  What are their demographics:  male/female, education level, household income, household size, etc.

Think of ways to share your message. Once you have developed a message that you are going to use to represent your company, you need to think of ways to convey that message across multiple channels. It is important that while you need to create different ways to tell your story, the story you are telling must remain consistent.

Create a distinctive look for your brand. You need to create a lasting image in the minds of your consumers, making it obvious as to what your company does, while not mimicking the images of the big corporations.

Develop a creative, memorable, simple and consistent look. This goes for logos, colours, taglines and overall brand look and feel. Work with designers to create the perfect logo for your company and develop taglines that can be easily used online and in print.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The big companies didn’t gain their success over night. They succeeded because their idea was new, inventive and fresh, you could be the next big brand.