Manuals, Reports and Training Materials

Manuals, Reports and Training Materials examples
Manuals, Reports and Training Materials

Inform workers, shareholders, and others with custom-printed booklets, training manuals, and presentations

Customer-facing printed materials often gain the most attention, but manuals, reports, and training materials are some of the most important documents for any company. Internal operating documents help structure and drive the success of most businesses, organizations, and nonprofits.

Manuals: Internal documents such as manuals detail the most important policies, procedures and specific processes of your operation. Having a compelling manual can help you increase order, efficiency and connect your company’s vision with your daily operations. These manuals are an important tool for managers and employees alike.

Reports: Monthly, quarterly and annual reports are often used to keep senior managers, shareholders, donors and others updated on your productivity levels and financial direction of your company. A clear and compelling report should highlight the goals, accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities you’ve encountered. In most cases, the design and presentation part is left to the last minute, as a result, all the important information you’ve included in the report may be overlooked.

Training Materials: The purpose of a training manual is to help educate employees and make sure each task is being performed accurately and efficiently. These materials are put together by trainers to document important information they need to communicate. To make your training process engaging and effective, using high impact training materials can help you save time and reduce the cost of getting new employees on board.

Making sure your internal documents are as well designed as the marketing collateral you give out to your clients can help you build a stronger brand. Save hours of research and design time trying to put together presentations. Get fully branded and reusable manuals, reports and training materials custom made for your company.

While some of these documents can be straightforward in purpose, they may be time-consuming and tedious in terms of production. If you are looking to build your brand and you want don’t settle for simple documents, you can create with an office copier. Talk to the experts at KKP and ask about all the time-saving design and print solutions we offer. Additionally, if your documents need custom binding, colour-coding, laminated pages, tabbing or similar specialized techniques we can handle that in-house as well.

Our team at KKP has experience designing and printing state of the art annual reports, fundraising appeals, sales presentations, and other important printed materials. Enjoy all the benefits from an attractive cover and the well-ordered presentation of charts, tables, photos and illustrations only a talented graphic artist can achieve.

You can count on KKP for:

·         Annual report design             

·         Company or custom manuals             

·         Employee handbooks

·         Funding proposals

·         Help guides

·         Manager or orientation handbooks

·         Personnel manuals 

·         Presentations           

·         Reference books

·         Sales presentations

·         Shareholder communications            

·         Supervisor handbooks

·         Technical documentation    

·         Training manuals

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